Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10e might not be a better phone on paper than the S10 and S10 plus but I can definitely say now that I've used it that it is a better deal it's kind of a direct answer to the iPhone 10r they're not hiding that in any way like it's the same price but hardware wise it's kind of a step up in every direction  that isn't battery so it kind of got me thinking why not just get the S10e so the best way to explain the S10 you use to tell you what's different versus the regular S10

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It's a very similar phone this is everything that's different so the big three are the cameras the fingerprint reader the new display and the price its 750 bucks

So the cameras s10e has the exact same primary camera and the exact same ultra wide camera like the S10 it's just missing the extra telephoto camera honestly that's been totally fine I don't really miss it at all

Zoomed in photos will now be digital zoom instead of switching to the telephoto camera and that's alright with me and keeping the ultra-wide camera is sweet that's the new camera for the Samsung phones this year

It is still a bit softer and a bit more over-processed in those photos than the main camera definitely not as crispy but this is something software updates will continue to improve so that's that with the camera other than that same really good camera as we've had in the s10

So, then the fingerprint reader instead of an ultrasonic fingerprint reader underneath the glass this s10 has a good old classic capacitive fingerprint reader on the our button on the right side of the phone and coming back from the s10 to using this again man it's really easy to forget how good we got at this type of fingerprint reader it kind of became the gold standard before we started moving on from them and we wanted all the screen space so we started putting them on the back of the phone on the side

But these fingerprint readers are really fast this one here on the s10 e is just about one of the fastest fingerprint readers I've ever used and there are others that are this fast but it just feels so much faster coming from the S tens ultrasonic reader it is way faster than that now for placement it is in the power button on the top right-hand side but the power button is still also kind of high up on the side of this phone now since the phone is smaller it's not as big of a deal and with bigger hands it's even less of a big deal but just a little bit lower of a button that would have been perfect so the reader is basically in a natural resting position for righties or for people who hold the phone in their right hand


And on top of that, there's even a gesture in the settings that you can turn on where you can now swipe down to pull down the notification shade so that the favorite reader becomes a sort of a gesture pad and it's super responsive maybe even too sensitive you can sort of do it by accident a bunch if you're not careful but once you get used to it it's super useful to not have to reach up to the top of the phone every single time so basically you pick up the phone and you just sort of hold it in a natural resting position get instantly unlocks and then you have access to the notifications just like that I mean it's not as technologically cool as the under glass ultrasonic fingerprint reader but you could argue it's actually better than what you get on the s10 and some already have

so that brings us to the last but not least important difference the display so the s10 has the smallest display in the new lineup it's a 5.8 inch screen it's still weird to call a 5.8 inch display small but it's true and it's still dynamic AMOLED still a sharp high resolution it's 2280 by 1080 still has a hole punch cut out in the top corner that makes for amazing wallpapers of course and still super bright and color accurate as you'd expect from a Samsung panel the difference is it's flat so it's a flat screen now instead of bleeding over the edges so with that you end up with slightly thicker more noticeable side bezels but like barely and it's all relative still look next to an iPhone 10s remember Apple had all that talk about curving the OLED display to get the chin thinner and to get the edges all really close s 10 e has the same sized side bezels and the chin maybe two or three millimeters taller so that's the esthetic difference also one thing I noticed is the S 10 e doesn't let you choose your displays screen resolution as the bigger S10 does and I'm not actually sure why I would guess it has something to do with the pentile display matrix they're using but either way it's kind of set and forget out the box anyway and it looks great so assuming you don't hate the hole punch this is still a fantastic display

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other little things six gigs of ram in the base model instead of eight not really a huge deal I think it was if it was for you know thanks to my concerns with the pixel I would probably be also concerned about this but six gigs of RAM still seems like enough and you get eight on the upgraded model so it's pretty close oh the battery is slightly smaller its 3100 milliamp hours instead of the larger ones on the larger phones but it's also a smaller display as you know that's the biggest power draw so this is still a pretty great battery life phone

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and then the color so as long as we're drawing parallels to the iPhone 10 are you might have noticed the es10 has a bit more color than the s10 so there's the glass on the back this is flamingo pink so if you're the type to rock your phone naked you can enjoy having an extremely bright phone the aluminum rails are colorized a little bit so you have matching sides it's more toned down than the back but you can see it from the sides of the phone and then even in the camera module unlike the s10 they colored that metal in there as well so it's a small touch black on the s10 color on the s10e but that that's basically it for this phone those are the differences for 750 bucks

so again on paper is that a better phone no but it is a better deal matter of fact feature for feature as far as hardware what you get and with a much better display and a headphone jack and all these other things ultra-wide camera I think it's a better deal than the iPhone 10r