Samsung Galaxy Fold

The New Samsung Galaxy fold

Galaxy fold has one smaller outer screen and one large folding inner screen in a single device for 1980 bucks this phone is chunky so we kind of saw it
coming with other folding phones like the Royale flex Pi and even the Huawei mate X but it kind of has basically the feel of two small Samsung phones put back-to-back next to each other with a hinge in between and it doesn’t go all the way completely flat against each other when it’s closed like a sandwich instead they create this little angle like a small triangle and in the phone’s shape folded up is just really tall and narrow so it’s got this like candy bar sort of feel and it’s pretty heavy as well

Now the screen on the front as you might remember is a 4.6 inch cover display very tall and then when you flip it open you get a 7.3 inch OLED display that’s nearly exactly 4/3 so pretty wide now I know a main question a lot of people have about this is probably about the crease down in the middle where it folds so to be perfectly clear yes you can see the crease especially when you’re just a little bit off axis or if you have a light wallpaper and yes you can even feel it when you run your finger over it so it’s not this perfectly precisely flat uninterrupted glass feel but honestly it gets pretty close like when you’re looking at it straight on you can easily forget about it and also I gotta say the actual closing and unfolding movement of opening and closing it is extremely satisfying there are some strong magnets in either half of the phone that open and close and connect it’s so strong you could actually like pick up paper clips with the phone but that opening and closing that funk it makes I kind of love that and a hinge it just sort of snaps open to a full hundred eighty degree flat position and everywhere in between those two positions is pretty fluid to whatever angle you want but it definitely feels like its springs are trying to pull itself closed but yeah opening and closing the phone is definitely a two-handed operation

I’m sure that’s what we mostly expected and actually that process can get kind of tricky sometimes with the interesting button layout so there’s a power button on the side of the phone where you’d probably expect it there’s also the volume rocker and also a separate fingerprint reader for unlocking that doubles as a Bixby button so it’s actually incredibly easy to accidentally trigger Bixby whether you’re unlocking the phone or just trying to fold it or unfold it

Okay a few other things I did notice one Samsung did technically just make a phone with a notch and no headphone jack kind of sad I guess but it actually does come with their new Galaxy buds they’re wireless headphones so that’s cool and the notch on the inside screen which holds two cameras and a bunch of other sensors actually has this lip to it that’s sort of raised up from the rest of the screen but the Notification pulldown actually doesn’t work from that side when you’re unfolded anyway so I guess it’s not a big deal that the lip is there but you definitely still get it cutting into things like videos and games or really anything that’s fullscreen

This phone actually has six total camera sensors so there’s the 10 megapixel selfie camera on the front when it’s closed when you open it up and you get that notch which has an identical 10-megapixel selfie camera with an additional depth sensor like the galaxy s 10 plus and then on the back yes in a camera bump on this already pretty thick phone you have the standard the ultra wide and the telephoto cameras just like the galaxy s 10 had so you’ll never be at a shortage of cameras and lenses here and you can see just looking at the phone Samsung had to do a lot of creative things just to get the fold to work like a normal phone there’s some special adhesive in the display and of course the folding plastic that actually folds on the front they also split the battery into two parts one in each half of the phone and it’s all connected through this very special hinge design

But they still did manage to get high-end specs in there you got your snapdragon 855 12 gigs of ram your 512 gigs of storage not expandable and then you have your stereo speakers you still have reverse wireless charging and the combined battery is huge it’s four thousand three hundred eighty milliamp hours so it’s really equipped to actually work and get work done now there are two main features to take advantage of the fact that it folds continuity and multi-window so the continuity is interesting but it does make sense so you do have totally separate wallpaper and home screen layouts on both the front and the back screens they’re independent of each other but with supported apps which are mostly Samsung and Google apps right now you can open them on the small screen then unfold the phone and they will continue where you left off on the big screen and it actually works pretty quickly

The price is super high you know there’ all that stuff but you know what at the end of the day even if you never use the screen on the front you still get a big screen that folds in half and fits in your pocket that’s the part that feels like the future and the big screen is, of course, a better camera viewfinder a better web browser a better video watching experience and all of that is super cool it’s a step in the right direction

That’s pretty much it impressions of the galaxy fold