OnePlus 6T Review New Design, Same Price!

One plus 6T is in the purest sense of the word an incremental update most of it is the same as a One plus 6 so they took the one plus 6 which is already pretty solid and well-liked phone and then made some upgrades and some tweaks to things that they felt could be better and they took it up a notch

There are conveniently 6 new things with the one plus 6T

So First of all the new display it’s bigger it’s a 6.4-inch display and still 2340 by 1080 optic AMOLED they’ve been on for a while and it’s still pretty great it’s bright it’s colorful and has a built-in adjustable color profiles also slightly smaller chin than the one plus 6 not drastically smaller but you can see it when you put them side-by-side so the display is definitely an improvement

Number Two

The teardrop notch up here at the top everything one plus wanted to do with the fairly standard notch on the one plus 6 they are still doing in a smaller notch on this 6T except for the notification LED So up here is the front-facing camera the earpiece and the proximity and ambient light sensors no fancy face ID dot projector or depth sensors or anything like that but just a pretty solid basic couple things they can still do their super fast facial recognition with the RGB camera that has its pros and cons and the speaker is slotted way up here at the top but it wasn’t doing a whole lot anyway so we’re not missing out much by shoving a tiny speaker up there

Number Three
Is the fingerprint reader underneath the display something again a lot of people were looking forward to happy to see this slowly starting to become more common in mainstream phones so that one plus six couple months ago had the fingerprint reader on the back that’s now gone and it’s moved the logo up a little bit in its place and you can now unlock your phone by just touching the glass I’ve left it enabled the entire time I’ve been using it and I’d say it’s faster than that first gen from the VIVO phone but still slower than the gold standard of like touch ID or a lot of the physical fingerprint readers it’s just somewhere in between it’s not instant but it’s just a little beat of you unlocking your phone

Number Four
Is the new battery so while the phone is pretty much the same size this is one pluses biggest improvement on paper going from a 3300 to a 3700 milliamp-hour battery that has been awesome in practice for the endurance of this phone and it still has that incredibly fast charging so that is impressive

Fifth It’s true the headphone jack is now gone on the 6T even one plus is getting rid of the headphone jack

Okay Number Six
The new different thing is probably the best news this phone starts at 128 gigs of storage now instead of 64 and for the same exact price as the last one 549$ so you get twice as much storage for the same starting price and this whole new design so one plus is surely sticking to their guns of competitive pricing and then that’s it everything else about the one plus 6T and the software on the surface under the hood materials and build it’s all the same as that one plus 6 same oxygen OS on top of Android Pi with the new gestures and all the new features one plus has been throwing in same smoothness and A+ performance