New Google pixel 3A Impressions

This is the new Google pixel 3 a don’t know yet what the a stands for but we can basically think of this phone as the budget version of the pixel 3

It’ll start at 399$ price range

The 3a XL there’s a larger version of the two phones as well and on the outside, it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from a regular pixel three just by looking at it

Potentially awesome $400 phone so when you think of a typical champion budget Android phone in 2018-2019 that’s the one that brings the high-end specs all the way down in price which is amazing but you know you’re gonna sacrifice in three main areas and that’s the camera always and the screen and the build quality like it’s so consistent in this world

This pixel 3a in that same world kind of flips that formula it flips the script backwards on its head where this blatantly sacrifices in the specs, this is a Snapdragon 670 and 4 gigs of RAM you know obviously mid-range but it has a killer camera and it has a pretty great screen

There is no wireless charging in this pixel 3a there’s also no water the resistance they didn’t spend money on the IP certification and there’s also of course still no expandable storage pixel 3 also had a pair of stereo front-facing speakers while the 3a is giving you a single top front facing speaker up where the earpiece usually is and then there’s nothing in the chin it’s still the same size but you have speakers now at the bottom of the phone but that’s still more front-facing power and then it’s down to a single rear facing and single front-facing camera instead of the dual front-facing cameras of the bigger brothers

It also has the same haptic motor or the same excellent vibration motor as pixel 3 which is great because there are a lot of Android phones that have bad vibration motors that make them feel even cheaper than they are so having an excellent one is a nice touch

Headphones it’s got a headphone jack also on top of that this is a 1080p OLED display a lot of budget phones in this range are rocking IPS LCD displays OLED screens generally have looked better have pitch-black blacks and are more common on higher-end phones so an OLED display in this one like OnePlus used to when they made $400 phones it is a nice to have

3a shares the same single camera sensor and essentially the same camera software as the current image quality reigning champ the older-brother pixel 3 which is incredible and that not only makes this instantly the best camera in any budget phone