Huawei P30 Pro – The Ultimate Camera Phone

Huawei's riding fresh into 2019 caught off of a blind smartphone camera test win and the best battery life award and probably the most well-received phone ever the mate 20 Pro so now incoming is the successor to their P 20 Pro and it's looking like it's gonna be pretty promising and a lot of the same ways now it still won't be in any US carriers and it'll still be pretty expensive but if you can look past those two things it's looking like this may be the first true galaxy S10 competitor of the year so that p 30 pro has three main focuses

Camera, Design  and  specs


But the real focus the main one here is definitely the new camera that's most of what's new so let's just dive into that first so as you can see it's rocking a quad camera set up on the back so four sensors on that back now and they all have names to explain what's new and what they do so the main camera is a 40 Megapixel sensor F 1.6 with OIS and that's named the Super Spectrum camera and it's called that because it has an RYB pattern array instead of the typical RGB for the color filter in front of the sensor and so the whole image stack is redesigned around that which should let about 40% more light hit that sensor which means it's more light sensitive than previous versions so ideally, that should make for a pretty sweet night mode

Then next up is the ultra wide camera and that name is pretty self-explanatory seems like it's all the rage for 2019 smartphone cameras too if you don't have that ultra wide

phones 2019

and you have multiple lenses what are you doing and this one's a 20-megapixel ultra wide with an F 2.2 aperture that pulls in a more than a 120-degree field of view so yeah it's gone from a sort of a niche thing that maybe only two phones had a little while ago to kind of feeling like you're missing out if you don't have it so ultra wide is here


The third one is at the bottom it's the
time-of-flight lens which is mainly just for depth information so that will help with improved portrait mode better AR experiences things like those things that benefit from having great depth mapping

Then last but not least is this square looking camera cut out the big one that is the new telephoto camera it's an 8 megapixel F 3.4 camera with OIS and the name for  that one is the periscope zoom lens now  you may notice with that square opening it looks kind of strange so the reason  it's called a periscope camera is  literally the optics of this camera instead of just going back goes down into the phone and then use a mirror to face out so like an actual periscope so all of that to give you a lossless 5 times optical zoom now the number 5x might not be that impressive but when you combine their optical stabilization plus their AI enhanced software stabilization you can go way past 5x you can go to 10x 20x all the way up to it'll let you hit 50 times digital zoom which I'm gonna go ahead and name super creep mode because 50 times zoom is absolutely insane it's crazy how far 50 times is and the most impressive part is how good the stabilization so I don't know maybe for sports events or concerts or I don't know one would anyone need to zoom in this far creepin on people and buildings blocks away maybe I guess that is the benefit of you know super creep mode for periscope zoom on the P30 pro

Screenshot (435)

Also the autofocus seemed kind of jumpy with close-up subjects so a little  bit finicky there so I don't know the concept is really cool obviously but the execution we'll have to see about but the rest of the p30 pro is honestly incremental improvements and check in all the boxes which is why I can be seen as an s10 competitor so the Twilight color of that p20 Pro was a hit so they're doing  a bunch more gradient colors with this phone I'm gonna go ahead and say this blue color called Aurora is the best-looking but there will also be an amber sunrise

Screenshot (439)
Screenshot (436)

a pearl white a breathing crystal and black the display is updated it's a full screen 6.47 inch OLED panel 2340 by 1080 but instead of the chin fingerprint reader from last year which a lot of people forget about it's also rocking an in display fingerprint reader but it is optical again so not ultrasonic so it'll still have all the cons of optical that we discovered with phones like the OnePlus 6T like not working when there's like debris on your hands and having to shine a really  bright light at your finger to read it but it did seem pretty fast to me when I set it up with my finger so that's a good sign so this tech is slowly getting better and I think a few iterations in it'll feel like a standard just not quite yet also it has that cut top notch at the top for the 32 megapixels selfie camera it looks kind of like the essential phone's notch a little more curved

But hey maybe the essential phone was ahead of its time because Huawei's now cut out all of those face ID sensors they used to have in there much bigger notch for just the camera and on the specs our flagship grade Kirin 980 chip a gigs of ram 4200 milliamp-hour battery which is huge it's IP 68 certified there's now a faster EROFS file system there's fast charging fast wireless charging and it still has that incredibly slow 2.5 watt troll mode reverse wireless charging if you want to use that honestly maybe the only thing they can't say they have in this phone is the headphone jack honestly

Though that's a lot of boxes checked I'm really into the battery but just as a total package p30 Pro clearly checks a lot of boxes and that's what makes it exciting also there will be a p30 non-pro that will be a bit cheaper and just a bit cut down with specs so it has three out of the four cameras as you can see just doesn't have the time of flight sensor then it's a bit smaller too so it has a 6.1 inch non curved edge display pretty flat a 3650 milliamp-hour battery 6 gigs of RAM instead of 8 IP 53 certified instead of ip68 but it's somehow gains room for a headphone jack so there's that for those that are really into cameras for those who want to win all the blind smartphone camera tests or if you have a habit of zooming in obscenely far into all of your photos you know this one might be worth a second look either way that's been it for the first impressions