Airpods 2 Everything New

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Air pods love them Hate them they have very quickly become the most popular wireless headphones  in the world like that's not an exaggeration they're everywhere,

Now So, to say there was a lot of hype about Air pods 2 would actually be an understatement

So, now they are finally here second-generation air Potts so - people familiar with the first air pods it might not be obvious what's different about these or what makes them different in any way so I'm here to tell you literally, everything that is new

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Alright so first of all these cases you can get it in three different variations air pods 2 with the wireless charging case Air pods 2 with a normal case or just the wireless charging case by itself which can be an upgrade for your current air pods which is pretty cool and they also now offer free laser engraving on any of them which is dope

So the main advantage of this new case, of course, is that it supports Qi wireless charging which is key so since air power doesn't exist yet you can now charge these on pretty much any Qi-compatible wireless charging pad which is basically all of them now it won't be super fast the case itself supports up to five watts of wireless charging speed which is again kind of slow but it's a pretty small battery anyway in the first place so it should charge up in well under an hour

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and they've moved the little LED light to the outside to indicate charge status so red still means charging up green means it's full and white blinking when it's pairing oh and there's a Lightning charging port still at the bottom if you want to charge up the old fashioned way which will be much faster with the included lightning cable also sadly this might be a kind of a hint that the new iPhone coming later this year will probably also be lightning and not USBC as they would just start moving all their accessories to USB C now if they were planning on that but more lighting accessories means probably anotherLightning iPhone anyway then there are air pods themselves which have the exact same exterior design so you're not missing anything here no new colors no new coding no new special  waterproofing the stocks aren't shorter or anything the mics are the same like it's the most un-apple move in a long time where
there's no way to tell if someone's wearing the new air pods or not they are literally dimensionally exactly the same

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so what is different why are these air pods to so internally inside the air pods they now have what's called the h1 chip that's an upgrade to the previous w1 chip H stands for headphones apparently and these give you a couple of things

It improves sync for things like video and gaming so lower latency which is always welcome in the wireless world you now also get faster pairing and switching between Apple devices so your iPhone and your Mac or your iPod etc you get better audio processing that results in better microphone quality for those long phone calls and then last but not least you get a longer battery life so with the same sized battery you actually get up to 50% longer talk time than the current air pod so from two to three hours on the phone which in the battery department honestly is a pretty impressive increase year-over-year without actually making the size of the earbuds bigger

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And they now also support hey! Siri, so it's always listening always on anytime now pro tip you can disable hey! Siri in your settings wish if you use it all the time then you probably don't want to disable it

but if you do you can get longer battery life since it's not always listening but just know that it's tied to your phone's always on settings so if you disable hey Siri on your phone then it disables it on the air pods if you enable it on your phone it enables it on the air pods one switch for always-on listening everything also something else new but not necessarily on the spec sheet these support Bluetooth 5.0 now they will still connect to Android phones but still won't work quite as well as on an iPhone obviously and that's about it everything else about these is literally exactly the same shape same exact sound no different there

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like I said they're literally the most popular wireless headphones in the world now they do get more expensive if you want the whole thing if you want the wireless charging case. But if you have your current ear pods and you just want wireless charging it's 79 bucks just for the wireless charging case I think we're all hoping for like some aesthetic or visual change for air pods - I was hoping for like a matte black or some sort of colors or anything like that but that's not a thing with these